Patrick Davis Photography
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How all of this got started.


How all of this got started.

I got my first digital camera when I was 12 years old. After years of shooting photos, I realized I had documented hundreds of different people, places, and things that I had experienced and cherished. It was then that I realized that I loved narratives in photography and the people associated with them.

Patrick Davis Photography has allowed me to continue photographing the people, places, and things I love, 

but has also allowed me to experiment non-traditionally in my photographic work. 


Aside from Patrick Davis Photography, I use photography as a fine art form. I've experimented in self-expression, taken photos assessing real-world issues like global warming and concepts like the American Dream, and am a graduate in graphic and web design. 

Feel free to take a look at some of my design work and my fine artwork. 
I also enjoy iPhone photography (check me out on Instagram @psd96). 

My favorite food is chili, my dream job is shooting for VOGUE Magazine and dogs are my spirit animal. 

The method to my madness?

I work with my clients on a personal level. That's really all it takes. Alright, maybe some fairy dust too.

But seriously, making a personal connection with somebody allows both of us to feel more comfortable around each other.
You're able to relax and be yourself, knowing that I am your newest and coolest photographer friend! 
Once we're on the same level, there's no stopping us. You'll get those beautifully raw and emotional photographs that reflect you.

(and who doesn't want to see that?)


Looking for REVIEWS? Look no further.

Patrick did a fabulous job on our engagement and wedding photos! He was easy to work with and the final product is thrilling. He even got my husband, who is usually super crabby about taking pictures, to pose for as many photos as we needed. We supplied a list of photos for our wedding and he made sure to get a few shots of each plus more creative shots that he had in mind. Cannot say enough great things about our experience!!
— Vanessa Schroeder
Thank you to Patrick for the lovely wedding pictures! We still enjoy looking through them even a year later. Two thumbs up!!
— Jimmy & JoAnn Weber
Patrick did a wonderful job during the shoot! He was really flexible incorporating his own ideas as well as my own. I would highly recommend him for any of your photography needs.
— Callan McNamara
Patrick did a great job with our family photoshoot. We were very happy with the pictures. We definitely recommend him!
— The Weithaus family
He’s an amazing photographer with a lot of passion. He’ll listen to your ideas, and work with you to take many memorable photos. I actually enjoyed having my photos taken, and as a bonus he’s absolutely hilarious. I guarantee you’ll get unique quality photos, and enjoy the whole time too!
— Kate Schwarten